Mr Bernard Lynch Orthopaedic Surgeon

Moreland Orthopaedics and Specialist Medical Clinic

255 Moreland Road, Coburg 3058

(03) 9384 0720

Moreland Orthopaedics and Specialist Medical Clinic

Making An Appointment to See Mr Lynch

To book an appointment to see Mr Lynch, ring the office on: 9384 0720. Calls must be made during office hours between 8am - 5pm weekdays.

Appointments to see Mr Lynch can only be arranged through ringing the office.

Mr Lynch sees patients through previously booked appointments only.


The following patients will be assessed:

  1. Patients who have private health insurance
  2. DVA
  3. Workcover (WC)
  4. Transport accident cases (TAC)
  5. Patients who do not have private health insurance (see FAQs)
Mr Lynch does not assess or manage patients with spinal problems.
Receptionist at Mr Lynch's rooms.


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