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Moreland Orthopaedics and Specialist Medical Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All questions have been personally answered by Mr Bernard Lynch.

Q. I am uninsured. How much will I pay out of pocket?
A. For a consultation, out of pocket cost is about $10 extra compared to someone who has health insurance. In general, the total out of pocket cost for a first appointment would be less than $100. For sugeries, the total out of pocket cost varies considerably depending on the type of sugery required. A cost estimate on a case by case basis can be provided to you on request for a fee. My staff may need up to 24 hours to provide you with this estimate.
Q. I have an urgent problem and need to be seen as soon as possible. Can I get to see you?
A. If an early appointment is not available, my staff usually can arrange a special appointment within 24 hours to be seen. If the urgent problem requires immediate attention then going directly to the A&E department at John Fawkner Hospital for assessmet by their staff may be your best option. Following assessment, the A&E doctor may access me to plan treatment.
Q. Do you have X-ray or Pathology facilities?
A. There are no X-ray or Pathology facilities on premises, however they are located approximately 100m away from my rooms at the John Fawkner Hospital and can be accessed easily.
Q. Do you see patients for Medico Legal assessment?
A. I focus on helping patients with their orthopaedic problems. I do not provide Medico Legal assessments.
Q. What is my anaesthetist like?
A. My operating team, including Anaesthetist, Assistant Surgeon and many staff, are highly experienced and skilled. We have worked together for many years as an excellent cohesive team. You will meet your anaesthetist and assistant surgeon prior to your surgery.
Q. How many surgeries have you done?

A. I have done over: 2500 knee replacements; 2500 hip replacements; 5000 knee arthroscopies; 4000 shoulder surgeries.

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